Lisbeth loves to sell to help KAFK


Lisbeth is a very active supporter that loves to get involved and engaged wherever she can help, particularly in the festive bazaars Kids Action for Kids has had! She has played a key role in organizing and executing a few bazaars already, and we are sure she plans to get involved with many more to come.

The Christmas and Easter bazaars have been Lisbeth’s main focus, all of which have been enormous success stories and brought in a lot of funds for the children. But this success obviously relies on our dedicated volunteers such as Lisbeth. She has been a huge help with the arts and crafts making, as well as getting them sold to raise the actual money we use for the operations.

Thank you so much, Lisbeth for all your hard work and dedication! We really look forward to continuing to work with you more!

Enthusiastic supporters arranged a Christmas sale at NNR Charity Bazaar

Our loyal supporters kicked off Easter sale in Nichada

KAFK supporters held Easter Bazaar 2017 in Nichada Thani, Thailand

KAFK Christmas sale at NNR Bazaar

Bangkok and Tromsø ladies team up to make KAFK Christmas crafts