Idea bank

Whether you are

an individual supporter, represent a school, nursery, team, work place or community… you name it,

you have come to the right place, if you are looking for

ideas and inspiration for putting together a fund raising event.


Before you start planning your fundraising, we recommend you to read through Raise funds, where we have gathered information about how to plan and organize any fundraising activity as there are many things to consider to make sure the activity is as successful as possible. In addition to the ideas you will find in this Idea bank, it can also be useful to browse our Thanks page to see what others have done to raise funds.

By clicking on the different themes below, you will find helpful tips on how to get started, specific instructions and lists of what you need to know or have handy. We have chosen a selection of activities, recipes and crafts that our volunteers have tried before, or are otherwise suitable especially for children and youth. Click on the different themes below and dig into the collection of KAFK Idea bank.