Chonlaprathan Hospital in Nonthaburi Province, December 2012


In December 2012 another 35 kids received their surgeries at Chonlaprathan Hospital in Nonthaburi province of Thailand. Nonthaburi, being a province next to Bangkok, is actually the home of many of our founders, volunteers, supporters, and fundraising participants. In that sense it was a great opportunity to give back to the local community, a place that has welcomed many of us and hosted our families for years.

We saw local entertainment with Thai dancing and balloons, which no doubt helped ease the nerves of the children and their families going in for their surgeries.

While this was one of the smaller medical missions in terms of surgeries funded, it was still 35 children and families that now lead a very different life than before our volunteers, supporters, and partners stepped in to help make a significant difference.

Thank you to all of our very own Nonthaburi-dwelling supporters and volunteers!

Photo credits: ©Kids Action for Kids / Dtac