A boy trio opened a charity bazaar in their front yard


Emre (8), Vemund (5) and their friend Alvar (7), arranged their own Bazaar to raise funds for Kids Action for Kids. They used toys from home, got some things from their parents, collected some gifts from shops in the neighborhood and had some small items they had bought in Thailand. All this they used for prizes. Emre and Vemund often travel to Thailand for holiday, and it made a deep impression on them to know that many kids with cleft lip and cleft palate don’t get help. Before the event, the boys studied about what the money would go to, so they could answer questions.

One weekend they set out a table with all their items in the park close to where they live. This they did two days in a row and were able to raise a nice amount for Kids Action for Kids.

Thanks very much for your help, guys!”