Alex makes Facebook birthday fundraiser


Thank you Alex for doing a KAFK birthday fundraiser!

Alex has been a KAFK supporter for a long time, and this year dedicated a Facebook birthday fundraiser to our organization, despite being on the other side of the globe in Colorado. When asked why he decided to do so, he says it’s because he believes in the cause, and after being a friend and supporter of KAFK for so long he knows exactly where the money he contributes is going. That is something we are very proud of as an organization – that 100% of the funds donated go directly to surgeries for children who need it, and none of it is lost in administrative costs. Thank you Alex for helping out! We hope you will keep supporting KAFK and setting a good example!

For those who haven’t tried doing a Facebook fundraiser, it is an easy way to support our cause, which requires only a few minutes to set up! Read more about how to do it here: