Arild donates polar bear talk earnings


Arild, brother of loyal KAFK support Wenche, decided to donate the proceeds of an extremely interesting presentation to our organization! Arild has lived in Svalbard, a far north island off the coast of Norway, known for its spectacular nature, as well as its polar bear population and activity. But the beauty of the island doesn’t come without risk – polar bear attacks do happen. Arild has spent time working with the police in Svalbard, and has a wealth of knowledge about the dangers of polar bear interaction, which is exactly what his talk was about. He gave a presentation about fatal polar bear attacks and what Svalbard’s inhabitants can do to protect both themselves and the bears. Arild says “you can’t go for a stroll in Svalbard without carrying protection against polar bears”. We are very fortunate to have supporters all over the world who use what they know to help children that are often on the other side of the globe. Big thank you to Arild for his donation!