Carol & friends host Christmas fundraiser at Shrewsbury International School


A big thank you Carol & her friends and to Felicia Design for their fundraising at Shrewsbury International School’s Charity Christmas Fair! Carol sold everything from little trees to gift bags and kits to reindeer, and Felicia Design sold some of their beautiful jewelry, both donating proceeds to KAFK to fund cleft surgeries. The young students took great interest in the cause, and Carol recalls one of the many special moments: one of the EY 2 students brought his mum to the table after school and did not want to buy anything but wanted to donate his 1000 baht spending money to “help the babies get better and to be able to eat food”. This is the kind of engagement we love to see, and which makes our work possible! Thank you again to Carol, Chris, Donatella, and Vibeke & team for this initiative!