Danish girls organized Halloween fun in their hometown


Silje, Annika and Alma started the Halloween fun in Denmark early this year. For a few weeks they have been busy preparing and promoting their own Halloween shop. Friday afternoon the event finally took place in the local shopping center – and their hard work paid off! They sold spider tattoos, cool Halloween bracelets and homemade scary cakes and candy. For three full hours they had a constant flow of customers. Everything they had produced themselves were sold out in less than two hours! They managed to raise DKK 1,950! Well done girls, congratulations! However, the ambitious young ladies were aiming at 2,500 DKK which would have funded 1 surgery with the 1:1 match from our partner Benchachinda. So since they had so much fun doing this, the girls are already now planning another shop for Easter to raise the bar. So stay tuned! Happy Halloween! Read more about Silje and her family on Our supporters page:
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