Erika surprised with her Annual lottery prize


This year again, Erika with the help of Andrea and Victor, raised funds for Kids Action for Kids. Erika’s initiative has become something of a family tradition everyone appreciates, and it works as a very nice end-of-the-summer-holiday celebration.

This year’s lottery followed the same successful recipe as last year, where Thai crafts, homemade jewellery and bracelets, and not least great-grandma Elna’s “gomme” (food), were very popular among the prizes. New on this year’s prize list was the result of one of Erika’s fishing trips: a three-kilo-big halibut!

With so many attractive prizes and great effort from the organizers, the evening ended up with NOK 2,256 collected. With Dtac’s matching this will give a total of NOK 4,512 to surgeries.

Great job!

Thanks very much to Erika, Andrea and Victor!

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Erika likes organizing fundraising events