Marshmallows with chocolate on stick

You need
– 1 big packet of marshmallows
– Dark chocolate (chips or bar) for melting
– Cake sprinkles
– Wooden sticks

1. Prepare a place to stick the wooden sticks for the marshmallows to dry. A thick sheet of styrofoam or similar will be good. Cover it with aluminum foil or nice paper, so then you can leave the marshmallow sticks here also on your sales table.
2. Place a wooden stick in each of the marshmallows.
3. Pour some cake sprinkles in a bowl.
4. Chop the chocolate in smaller pieces (then it will melt easier) and put in a working bowl.
5. Put some hot water from the tap in a pot and place the bowl with chocolate inside the pot of hot water. Make sure there will not come any water (not even a drop!) inside the chocolate.
6. Stir around in the chocolate all the time. If the melting is very slow, then change the water in the bowl to warmer water.
7. When all the chocolate is melted, take the bowl out of the pot.
8. Dip one and one marshmallow in the melted chocolate, then dip the part of the marshmallow with melted chocolate into the bowl with cake sprinkles.
9. Stick the wooden stick into the styrofoam sheet and let the chocolate dry.