Bike rally

It can be fun to arrange a bike rally. This can be done in many ways by arranging the event

  • for kids, for families, company employees, or any other group you would like or
  • just for younger kids/nursery with a 3-wheel bike or
  • asking everyone to dress up in fun costumes, company T-shirts or in other ways,
  • asking people to decorate their bikes,
  • making pit stops on the way with activities or surprises e.g. trick, challenge, quiz, food/snacks/drinks etc.
  • selling hot dogs, cookies, cup cakes, brownies, lemonade, popcorn etc. at the finish line
  • giving out prizes (e.g. for the nicest decorations)

Be sure to find a safe area to arrange the bike rally, and plan and organize the rally together with adults, who should be responsible for the safety.

To raise funds, ask everyone to pay a participation fee.

For more inspiration find out how the girls in Brownie Troop 40005 in Bangkok, Thailand created a fun event on their own.