Benya values KAFK’s focus on young people’s involvement


Benya Kraus filmed and edited a video of Kids Action for Kids documenting the 50 operations performed by Operation Smile medical professionals in Ubon Ratchathani in May 2011.

“As someone with able-bodied privilege, smiling, eating, and speaking easily are things I take for granted.  I am also privileged to know that should I need a life-altering surgery, my family will most likely be able to afford it.  However, the world is bigger than my experiences, and being part of a global community means seeing and recognizing my privilege in the context of the world.  Many of the children and families that KAFK works with do not have access to my same privileges.  The question then must be, how do we use our privilege to begin bridging the gap between our lives and those of whom do not have the same opportunities afforded to them?

KAFK is an opportunity to begin asking these questions, to engage with local communities, and to quite literally give someone the gift of a smile.  I love how KAFK encourages corporate social responsibility, sending a message to all major companies that they, too, are responsible for the well-being of the communities in which they operate. I also love that KAFK focuses on young people’s involvement, providing us with an opportunity to see the world beyond our own two eyes.”

Benya Kraus