Saana, Oona and Ines put their skills and hearts to help


Saana, Oona and Ines Haataja joined Kids Action for Kids team when they moved to Bangkok in 2012. Today the family lives back in Finland, proudly continuing to represent KAFK organization in their new neigborhood.

Saana has supported KAFK’s operations and projects in various fields from event management, PR and communications to digital solutions and website renewal. You can often find her in her home office – with her dog Cindy – writing texts, editing photos and figuring out solutions to KAFK’s operative matters. She also serves the organization as a Member of the Board. Oona and Ines, on the other hand, enjoy baking and crafting, so they have enthusiastically taken roles in making and selling cookies and crafts at KAFK Charity Christmas Bazaars and pop-up events in Bangkok.

Saana comments:
“After finishing my eMBA studies in Singapore I was looking for something meaningful to work with, while living in Thailand. As my neighbors and friends already had had rewarding experiences from working with and for KAFK, and the organization’s goals resonated with my own interests, I jumped in with no hesitation and got my daughters to join me, as well.

Our daughters have not only learned project management, entrepreneurial skills and networking with their friends that any business-minded parent would appreciate, but they have also been able to experience closely what social responsibility means and what a powerful impact their own actions can have. I just love the thought and realization of children helping other children: it brings me great happiness to see how caring and understanding towards other children my kids along other KAFK kids have grown on this journey with KAFK.

What comes to my own relationship with KAFK, I greatly appreciate the trust, and the responsibilities KAFK has offered me during these years: I have been able to put both my previous business experience and my newly acquired skills into good use; I have been invited to occasions and places I would not been able to join otherwise; and I have become part of something meaningful called “KAFK family”, a community that shares passion for helping those in need.

So, thank you kids and adults at KAFK for including us to Kids Action for Kids!”