How to set up a Lottery

General preparations 

Plan the date and location. Pick a day and time, when people won’t be busy or away. You may also schedule your lottery fundraising by another event such as sports tournament, monthly market, school/church function or town celebrations, so the potential of visitors is more likely. Let us in Kids Action for Kids know by email about your event.
Engage others. Ask your friends to join by providing items to raffle, donating their time behind the lottery table and by promoting the event to their networks at home, school, work, activities and so on. Ask your local businesses if they would like to donate some items or match or double your earnings for your good cause.

Advertise. Make posters and flyers, promote your event any way you can by utilizing email, Facebook, Twitter, chat groups, your local newspapers and even radio and tv. We encourage you to use Kids Action for Kids materials to help you advertise in advance, decorate your event and get your core message through about the event being for charity purposes, how the proceeds will be used.

  • Download Kids Action for Kids logos and pictures from Press kit here
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  • Print posters, brochures, bookmarks and name cards in Printable materials here

Hang up posters in your neighbourhood and drop off flyers to cafes, library and shops.


Lottery preparations 

Plan the scale. Assess what kind of a lottery you are going to have. Sometimes doing a lottery just in a family gathering feels just right, another time you may like to reach your activity group or class. If you are planning on going to a community event, then setting up a lottery may require approval from an authority and more prizes.

Assess your own capacity, time and resources: if you are more people contributing, then it is easier to go bigger. You can also try to engage local businesses and ask if they would like to join forces with donating some products or gift certificates to your lottery.

Plan your prizes. It is a good start to think what would you like to win. Our lottery organizers have had prizes varying from small souvenirs such as key rings, scarfs, phone cases, hairbands, pencil cases, cosmetic bags to more exclusive hats and decorations. The most amusing big prize ever has been Erika’s 3-kilo-halibut-fish! Decide, whether every ticket wins, or every second, third, fourth… You may like to reserve little consolation prizes, especially for the little ones to avoid disappointment.   

Think about the lottery ticket price. Again, you may like to start from your point of view, how much would you or your supporters pay for a ticket. The ticket price should on the other hand also reflect the value of the prizes. If you have a grand main prize, you may charge a little higher. Always try not to sell too cheap, but also not too expensive. 

Make lottery tickets. It is important that the numbers and prizes appear only once and they match as planned. Thus, place numbers on your prizes and put the corresponding ticket in a box, bowl or similar together with “empty” tickets, if you need any. Keep your tickets safe.


Selling preparations  

Set up lottery table. Well-organized lottery table looks inviting and trustworthy. Hang up Kids Action for Kids posters and place brochures, book marks and business cards next to a donation jar. You and your table will look very professional. For easy transportation of prizes, collect paper bags to give away.     

Start your lottery. On the day, make sure you and your table are all set in advance. If it is a community event, hang up some signs that help visitors find to you and your lottery table. With family and friends you may even like to start the lottery with a little speech to raise excitement.

After your event 
Give a tap on your shoulder for a meaningful job well done! Then count the money raised and let us know by email

Place your donation to Kids Action for Kids account either here  or via your own bank. For bank transfer details see Contact us.