How to set up a Performance

General preparations 

Plan the date and location. Pick a day and time, when people won’t be busy or away. You may also schedule your fundraising by another event such as sports tournament, monthly market, school/church function or town celebrations, so the potential of visitors is more likely. Let us in Kids Action for Kids know by email about your event.
Engage others. Ask your friends to join, the more the merrier!   

Tell about your event and advertise. Make posters and flyers, promote your event any way you feel comfortable, depending on the scale of your event. You can utilize private email, or when desiring more publicity go for Facebook, Twitter, chat groups, your local newspapers or even radio and tv. We encourage you to use Kids Action for Kids materials to help you advertise in advance, decorate your event and get your core message through about the event being for charity purposes, how the proceeds will be used.

  • Download Kids Action for Kids logos and pictures from Press kit here
  • Add links to Kids Action for Kids TV and video material here
  • Print posters, brochures, bookmarks and name cards in Printable materials here

Hang up posters in your neighbourhood and drop off flyers to cafes, library and shops.


Show and performance preparations 

Plan the scale. Assess what kind of a show or performance you are going to have. Entertaining people in your home may require less preparations than going to a community event, where there will be venue reservations and possibly some authorizations required.  You can also make your show or performance event an active happening with craft or food workshop, a bake sale, a special visitor (e.g. Santa Claus), facilitating games and lotteries, playing music and setting up a disco, and so on.  

Assess your own capacity, time and resources: if you are more people contributing, then it is easier to go bigger. You can also try to engage your activity group (dance club, circus club…), friends, acquaintances and performers in the neighbourhood and ask if they would like to join forces in a way or another.  

Plan your program. Well planned is half done. Make sure you have the program timed and preferably written down. This easily transforms to nice handouts to people when they enter your event in your home. If you have one or few performances, it may be enough to have the timing only shared with your supportive team. This is to avoid odd moments on the day of performance.   

Practice. Practice. Practice. It is proven that knowing your marks increases self-confidence and decreases nervousness. Make your show or performance and event that you can enjoy, too! 

Plan your props. Any show and performance is perfected by props. You will be amazed what you can find at home. Let your imagination lead you. Check (and book) electronic and other professional equipment, if you need some. 

Decide your fundraising method. Depending on the venue both entrance fee and “open donation” are common. However, why not think of something more creative for a change? We will be curious to learn what you came up with!


On-the-day preparations  

Set up venue. Make sure your venue provides seats and places for the audience to enjoy your show or performance. If you have props, check they are all in place and working. Hang up some signs that help visitors find to you and your event with ease. Decorate the venue with Kids Action for Kids posters, brochures, bookmarks and name cards next to a donation jar at your table. If you are not setting up a refreshment sale, you might like to provide water, biscuits, coffee and tea.

Welcome your guests. Stay relaxed and ready to conquer the stage. Keep on smiling!


After your event 
Give a tap on your shoulder for a meaningful job well done! Then count the money raised and let us know by email

Place your donation to Kids Action for Kids account either here  or via your own bank. For bank transfer details see Contact us.