Borgljung family’s expat commitment


While living in Thailand for a couple of years, Victoria, Marcus and their children Filip, Joel and little William Borglund have all been everywhere, where Kids Action for Kids has needed a pair of extra hands.

The boys have never been short of ideas, when it comes to creating monetary flow. It has been sweet to see them growing up and getting involved in raising funds with stickers, by making bracelets or running fearlessly from door to door by selling raffle tickets for annual KAFK draw. All siblings have also been active in bake and handcraft sales events. Victoria has actively contributed by making prizes for KAFK draws and volunteering in KAFK Charity Christmas Bazaars organized in Thailand.

Victoria comments:
“It has been a great opportunity for me and the kids to help and give back to the country that we lived in. Through KAFK we have learned how much a contribution, even a small one, can mean to someone in need. Our family is fortunate to have health and a rich life, therefore we are happy to share our time and effort to KAFK and the less fortunate children of Thailand. Thank you KAFK for making it easy to get engaged in the meaningful work of volunteering.”

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