Joanna saw families, friends and people bond


My name is Joanna Thompson. I am from Britain and Vietnam, grew up all over the place, but have spent most of my time in South East Asia, particularly Indonesia.

Our family has supported Kids Action for Kids within Bangkok through donations, through buying raffle tickets and through advocating the cause. I also competed in the 2nd and 3rd KAFK Annual Charity Triathlons. Before coming to Bangkok, I honestly had no knowledge of KAFK or its cause. But as a student at International School of Bangkok, I noticed how passionate so many of the students, teachers and parents were about the organisation, and saw this as an opportunity to not only learn about what KAFK stands for, but to also support them in any way I could. The KAFK community is very much composed of families, friends, and people who just have the biggest hearts, and because of this, their bond and drive is so much stronger. The greatest part of KAFK is how much they care; each and every member/advocate has a desire to enhance the lives of those less privileged in any way possible, no matter how small or how large the contribution.”

Joanna Thompson