Ellen’s “Value expedition” project


My name is Ellen Mossin Olesen. I am a leader and an entrepreneur from Norway. In 2015 I went on an expedition, a journey around the world interviewing company managers reporting active values as a reason for the firm’s success. I called my travel a “Value expedition”.

As a leader, I have experienced the pride and joy established in an organisation that takes social responsibility. Therefore I asked business managers: “How does your company take social responsibility”? One of the firms I visited was the sponsor for Kids Action for Kids – Conexus and Steinar Evensen (CEO). Thanks to Steinar, who invited me to join him as a volunteer in a medical mission to Myanmar with KAFK. Observing in what way KAFK changes people’s lives will stay with me forever. I will never forget the amount of people who had traveled for days with the hope of surgery and the emotional expressions from kids and parents when they knew they were the ones picked out. Nevertheless, what gave the strongest impression was when more than 500 kids had to go back without any surgery. As soon as I know where the next mission will take place, I will do my very best to find sponsors to change people’s lives.

Ellen Mossin