Jin: “KAFK transcends national boundaries”


Jin Ahn is from South Korea and  currently resides in the US.

“During my high school years in Thailand I participated in the Charity Triathlon at International School of Bangkok under the Kids Action for Kids High School Club. I decided to participate in the triathlon because it was an exciting, fun event designed to support an incredibly valuable cause. KAFK is supported by a community of inspired global citizens that come from all different ages and backgrounds. I think what is so special about KAFK is its very ability to transcend national boundaries and to unite its supporters in its mission.

I’ve had the honor of participating in the triathlon that was hosted at my high school in Thailand. It was really wonderful to see not only other student participants, but also kids from all different grades and family members who had come out to support us. Although we were born into the privilege of a more comfortable lifestyle, we did not hesitate to use that to our advantage in helping the children who are less fortunate. It was especially exciting and meaningful to promote the organization through a physical act, instead of just through internal transactions like donations. I hope to remain a faithful advocate of KAFK’s cause and look forward to its future achievements and smiling faces.”


Jin Ahn Picture