Jack says, you should get involved!


Jack Melhorn was born in Vienna, Austria, is of American nationality, and currently studies in the UK. He was one the three students who came up with the idea of organizing KAFK Annual Charity Triathlons.  The 1st Charity Triathlon raised a significant amount of money during his last year at the International School of Bangkok. He was also a leading member of the KAFK club at his High School (ISB).

“My motivation to join KAFK was simple, I wanted to help the Thai community as much as possible before I graduated and had to move out of the country! For me, I was always astounded at how welcoming every Thai was to me when I moved to the country; I wanted to do my part and give back. KAFK was the perfect facet in which to do so. A well-organized, efficient family run operation, it was the perfect club to get involved in. I loved how the mission and goals were transparent, as I knew every hour I spent fundraising was specifically going towards that next surgery that a child suffering with cleft palates desperately needed. KAFK is an organisation that everyone needs to get involved with if they have any spare time whatsoever!”

Jack Melhorn Picture