Gabriela values hands-on approach


Gabriela Jiménez Aguilar originally comes from Ecuador, has lived in Thailand for many years, and is currently moving to Czech Republic to continue educating high school students. She has supported KAFK Christmas Raffles, volunteered to help out at the Christmas Bazaar 2016 and donated to KAFK Annual Charity Triathlons and ISB bake sales.

Gabriela says:
“All activities around Kids Action for Kids fundraising has allowed me to contribute and take part of a community that is working for a greater cause. As an educator in an international community I look forward to being part of a ‘hands on’ experience, which allows me to be directly involved in supporting and actively participating in a community in need. Being part of community service is an important element of my philosophy as an educator; therefore I look forward to taking part in more projects which help make a difference in a child’s life.”

Gabriela Jiménez Aguilar color