Joe’s introduction to the world of philanthropy


Joe Meisburger is half American, half Indonesian. With the International School of Bangkok’s Kids Action for Kids Club he volunteered and worked on the Christmas Bazaar, the 2nd and the 3rd Charity Triathlons, a bake and ice cream sale at ISB school, and the International Family Fair booth, and contributed to KAFK Online workshop  with his ideas.

Joe comments:
“Working for KAFK was a fantastic introduction for me into the world of philanthropy. By being able to work with others towards the common goal of improving the lives of others, I was fortunate to be part of an experience both important and self-fulfilling. Additionally, the fundraising activities were not only fun to be part of but were effective at the same time, as the money raised during each event was often enough to pay for several surgeries if not more. Overall, my time with KAFK was extremely enjoyable as I was able to work with a good group of people with similar mindsets in regards to helping the less fortunate.”

Joe Meisburger