Kjellaug opens her home to help KAFK


Kjellaug is an extremely active supporter who will not stop helping our cause, even if that means using her own house to host fundraising activities! She has initiated and organized several vital events and created new ones that really show how innovative we can be if we put our minds to it, all to raise awareness and funds for Kids Action for Kids.

She has not only taken lead in organizing bazaars in Nichada but also opened the doors of her house both for preparations and the actual hosting of the bazaars. Specifically for the Kids Action for Kids Christmas Bazaar in 2016, Kjellaug had lots of arts and crafts made at her house. As everyone who went to the bazaar saw, the selection was very impressive! The bazaar itself was then hosted at Kjellaug’s home – she advertised it in the local community, set up signs so people would find her house, and involved her family and friends in the event. People from all ages and families from all backgrounds showed up, and it was a tremendous success!

Another very creative fundraiser Kjellaug organized and hosted was an outdoor cinema event in her yard. She set up a projector and a big white screen, along with chairs, benches, and sofas to seat the guests. Still, in Christmas spirit, she put on the movie The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, a perfect movie for all ages. Attendees paid a small price for an admission ticket and took their seats. Popcorn and drinks were also sold, the proceeds of which also went to Kids Action for Kids.

For Easter, she spearheaded the making of lots of Easter crafts and the selling of them at Villa. For her birthday, she wished for donations to KAFK instead of traditional birthday gifts.

Kjellaug is such a good example for those who want to get involved in our organization. She truly lives her life looking for ways to help others and uses all the resources she has available to her to do exactly that. We know we can count on her creativity and support in the future as well, and hope people will be inspired by the kind of work she does!

TNCC Christmas Lunch 2016
Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar 2016
Active friends hosted an Easter crafting workshop in Nichada
Our loyal supporters kicked off Easter sale in Nichada
Bangkok and Tromsø ladies team up to make KAFK Christmas crafts
KAFK Christmas sale at NNR Bazaar
Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Christmas lunch at the Ambassador’s Residence
KAFK’s Christmas Bazaar
KAFK supporters held Easter Bazaar 2017 in Nichada Thani, Thailand
Kjellaug wished for donations for her birthday