John Paul on how to grab students’ attention


My name is John Paul Rivera and I am from the Philippines. I spent my high school years in Thailand and currently I live in Vancouver, Canada. As a member of the ISB KAFK Club in International School of Bangkok I supported Kids Action for Kids by volunteering in the 2nd and 3rd  Annual Charity Triathlons, International Family Fair at ISB, the Christmas Bazaar in Nichada Thani and KAFK workshops.

I decided to contribute to the KAFK community because I knew that they helped change a lot of kids’ lives for the better. Our ISB KAFK Club met every week, and we were dedicated to plan out events that would not only inform others about the Club and the cause we’re working towards, but also encourage them to make donations that will benefit those in need of support. The club separates itself from other clubs by designing events such as the Triathlon that really grabs a lot of students’ attention because it is a very extraordinary event. I enjoyed competing in the Triathlon because we were able to turn it into a class competition at ISB, and encouraged many to come out and support their peers. Overall, I believe that KAFK creates unique ways to support those in need, in a manner where everyone is able to enjoy themselves, too.


John Rivera