Kalin points out the delight of global reach


Kalin Tang is an American supporter currently living in Madison, Mississippi. She participated in several charity events for Kids Action for Kids during the year of 2013, when she lived in Thailand.

Kalin tells:

“I travelled with Kids Action for Kids to Sappasitiprasong Hospital surgery mission in Ubon Ratchathani Province to play with the kids before surgery, I participated in the Nichada Thani Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar, and the most memorable one was the high school Charity Triathlon to raise money for surgeries. Through my friendship with the Brekke brothers and their family I wanted to join a charity club that felt like a family and a club that always reached their ambitious goals. Being a part of the KAFK community is amazing because it is global, where all around the world there are people raising money for the same cause as you, helping children with cleft lips and palates.

The first project I did with KAFK was inspirational. It is an amazing feeling knowing that the club I was apart of raised money for these children to have a better life, providing a surgery that would change their lives forever. Playing with the children before their surgeries had a great impact in my life and watching the surgeries happen was fascinating, an experience to remember. No matter where I live, I will always be a part of the KAFK family and will always raise money for the children with cleft palates. This club allowed me to experience once in a lifetime opportunities and it is a great club to be a part of.”


Kalin Tang