Ostmeier family’s example of self-drive


Nicole, Veit, and their daughters Blanca and Dana Ostmeier are from Germany. For several years they have lived in Thailand. The family is currently living in Germany. They have been active, self-driven and consistent contributors to Kids Action for Kids for several years.

Nicole’s love for crafting, product development, marketing, and photography has realized in many ways in Kids Action for Kids’ work and fundraising events, the sales selection and attention the Christmas and Easter Bazaars have received in Nichada Thani Thailand. The same enthusiasm applies to Blanca and Dana, who every year set up Kids Action for Kids sales tables and lotteries in Germany over their summer vacation, and to which they carefully select gifts, toys, and souvenirs from Thailand. Nicole has also invited people to her fine art photo exhibition and sale several times, where she donates some of the proceeds to KAFK.

“From the very first moment we heard about Kids Action for Kids we sympathized with this charity. It helps Thai kids to smile again but more than that, it gives our kids the possibility to learn how to help others. The idea of kids helping other kids is wonderful, educational and very important especially in today’s world of consumption. Blanca and Dana come up with their own ideas of how to raise money and that is something they cannot learn in school. Having then the possibility of actually seeing the kids getting an operation deepens the connection and the learning even more. I really felt to be able to put my marketing expertise into action when we raised over 1,2 million Baht during just one Christmas Bazaar in 2014. The team was wonderful to work with and I loved being part of a wonderful experience! It was a big job and then seeing how much money we were able to raise felt very special.”

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Mia, Blanca and Dana held a key ring sale at the Sylt beach
Blanca and Dana arranged a lottery in Germany
Blanca and Dana raised funds in France
Our loyal supporters kicked off Easter sale in Nichada
Active friends hosted an Easter crafting workshop in Nichada
Expat ladies and kids popped up Christmas bazaars in Bangkok
Photographer Nicole held photo exhibitions for fundraising
KAFK kids organized a fundraising in Hamburg
KAFK ladies and kids held 2nd Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar
Over 100 kids participated in Kids’ Workshop – Crafts production
Blanca and Dana made loomband bracelets to raise funds
Blanca and Dana arranged a lottery on their summer break
Ladies’ group, friends and children organized a Christmas Bazaar in Bangkok
Photographer Nicole Ostmeier engages in pro-bono for KAFK
Blanca, Dana, Romy, Elena, Yagmur held a bake sale for KAFK!
Mr. Scott’s 5th grade class donates party budget to KAFK!

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