Nakayama family gives back to Thai people


Asami and her children Suuri and Kayou are from Japan. They have lived in Thailand since 2012, and have continuously contributed to Kids Action for Kids with their independently designed activities such as their Charity Magic Show & Sushi Sale and Tie-Dye-Washi paper and paper spinner craft workshop.

Asami tells:
“When I learned about Kids Action for Kids, I thought if my kids participated in this, it would be a great opportunity for them to think of other people. In Thailand, we often see women and children sit on the street. Some of them look like they have difficulties to survive in their lives and that they need help. Giving money is perhaps one way to help them out, but rather than that, I want my kids to know there are many other ways to help. When we use public transportation in Bangkok, many Thai people give their seats for my kids. We are always thankful for their kindness. This is a big reason why we enjoy our life in Thailand so much. So, with our activities we want to give our thanks to Thai people.

When we decided to be a part of KAFK, I requested my kids to make a plan and organize their activities. It was not easy for them, but it also became a good opportunity for them, because they needed to think a full story from the very beginning to the end. Their first challenge was the Magic Show and Sushi Sale. They received big support from many kind people.

Their second challenge was a Craft Workshop. They prepared tie-dye-Washi paper and paper spinner with their friend Mael, who is Suuri’s best friend. Through the workshop, the children learned teamwork. They inspired each other and had a great work. As a supporter of them, I was lucky that I could feel their great growth. Now my kids have started thinking of what they could do next. These challenges always give us chances to think deeper and wider and also have fun!”

Suuri sends his regards:
“Performing as a part of KAFK, I felt it was a great idea because I can do something with someone for children. Making a plan and its preparation was not easy for me, but it made me proud of doing activities in front of an audience. At our craft workshop, my best friend helped me and we tried to do our best. It brought us a great memory and a strong friendship.

And Kayou continues: “When I heard about KAFK, I wanted to join. I want to do it again because it was very fun to see big smiles given by audience.”

Nakayama Family - Asami and Suuri