Mark got energized by goal setting


Mark Schmelter was born in Cologne, Germany. He lived in Thailand in his high school years, and now his studies have brought him to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. While living in Thailand he was part of the Kids Action for Kids school club at the International School of Bangkok where he  primarily aimed to raise awareness for the organization’s effort throughout the school. Mark got involved in events such as the Charity Triathlon and fundraising games at the ISB Family Fair.

“I was a member of the KAFK community for approximately one year. I was motivated to join because I heard about the efforts the club was undertaking to help underprivileged kids with birth deficiencies, and wanted to be part of that effort. Even though I was only involved in small activities and was often only there to assist, it was a great opportunity to just work for a good cause. From the start the KAFK community seemed consistently active, the leaders that I worked with were always approachable and honest. Particularly, I enjoyed the feeling when the club set its goal for what they wanted to achieve by the end of the year, and then the working itself to achieve those goals. The pleasure of working collectively with a group of motivated students was a great experience. Moreover, the reward of knowing that our work is making a difference in another child’s life is indescribable.”


Mark Schmelter