Lamping couple’s sporty lifestyle moves others


Stefan and Marie Lamping live in Thailand, his country of origin being the Netherlands and hers the Philippines.

Stefan and Marie tell:

“Our first activity with Kids Action for Kids was during the 2014 Christmas Bazaar in Nichada Thani Thailand. We had a small booth together with our friend and companion, Thomas Engberts, and we encouraged folks to donate to KAFK by signing up to our personalized fitness programs and getting some of fitness informational booklets. We set aside 50% of the proceeds for KAFK’s upcoming project and it only took a couple of hours to raise over 20,000 THB. It was lovely to see folks being so generous. In addition, Thomas and I initiated another campaign to get people to sign up for exercising classes, giving parts of the proceeds to Kids Action for Kids. Later, Marie and myself worked with KAFK during the Sisaket mission in 2015. We drove down on our big bike and even though we weren’t able to stay for the entire mission due to a company emergency, it was exciting and life changing to have a small part in helping these kids, to smooth the paths of their lives.

Our motivation to participate in KAFK’s activities came mainly from a desire to help in a tangible way. Most of us donate to a charity at some time or the other and most of the time you don’t actually see where your donation has helped, but with KAFK you can  see exactly where your help goes. It’s inspiring to work with a team that really wants to help change lives for the better and has an organized system of following through. We have also been impressed by how young some of the board members and active volunteers are. We are proud of them and want to encourage them to keep up the good work.”

Lamping family Stefan and Marie