Vartika enjoys contributing with her children


Vartika Bawa and her children Nevaan and Aarika have helped out in creating crafts and donating her time by selling items at Christmas Bazaar in Thailand to raise funds for Kids Action for Kids. Vartika is originally from India, she has lived in United States for a long time, and now her home is in Bangkok.

Vartika comments:
“It’s a great initiative to help the less fortunate, and it impressed me how passionately the whole KAFK team works towards this. This made us want to be part of it. KAFK works together through various creative ways to bring awareness to different communities about the families that need emotional and financial support to lead a decent life. It is a great opportunity to make a difference in the world. Bringing my children in to help out in making and selling items for this good cause has been a very fulfilling experience. The feeling of giving and working towards benefiting the less fortunate is a very satisfying experience.”

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