Shai felt lives were transformed – theirs and hers


Hi my name is Shai Gur. I was born in Israel, but raised in Bangkok Thailand.

“KAFK has impacted my high school experience a lot. During my freshmen year 2013-2014, I joined the KAFK high school club and flew to the surgery mission in Ubon Ratchathani, Northern Thailand to help cheer up children before their cleft palate and lip surgeries. During this trip, I realized how the organization that I was a part of, transformed these children’s lives. In addition to that, I contributed to the ISB High School KAFK Club, where I participated in Christmas bazaars, triathlons, fundraisers and more.

Joining KAFK made me feel like I was a part of a life changing community. I realized that by joining this group, I was improving lives. This club made a huge transformation in my life, as well as the patients’ lives, and I definitely recommend everyone to help out and join the KAFK community!”


Shair Gur Picture