Serra and Feza founded a KAFK hub in Singapore


Serra and Feza Erdamar are a hands-on daughter-mother action team. They come from Turkey and have lived in Singapore for many years. Serra established a Kids Action for Kids branch club in her school, Singapore American School (SAS), and immediately got around 10 students to join. After starting the club, its members have participated in school fairs and activities to raise money. Currently, Serra studies at Washington University in St Louis. Feza, on the other hand, is a jewelry designer from heart, and she has both organized and participated in various Singapore art events by selling her elegant necklaces. Also the sister Aylin and dad Hakan have been great supporters with their endeavors to help less fortunate children.    

Serra comments:
“From the moment I joined this community I’ve felt like I have made a wonderful impact in this world. The people are so positive, optimistic, calm, and patient. They are always welcome to new people joining and helping out. On my first trip to the Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar medical mission, I was worried about what I would see and experience. However, all the volunteers, nurses, and patients I met showed the gratefulness and promise that this world needs. With KAFK Club we hosted a fitness class for teachers that paid $20 to enter. We participated in numerous fairs where our club was in charge of an activity booth for children. In this booth, they could ride a little boat for a fee of $3. My mom also hosted homemade jewelry sales to collect money.”

Feza continues:
“I love children and I found that the KAFK events do a tremendous job in helping make poor children’s lives better. To see and hear about children who are denied their childhood and freedom just because they are born with a deformity that is easily fixed made me want to help in cooperation with KAFK. I also love the fact that the KAFK community is made up of like minded people. Many of those are expat children or their parents who want to help their communities. Because of this, I keep in touch with many of those with whom we shared the experience on the Chiang Mai, Thailand and Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar medical mission visits. There is nothing better to see than the smile on those children who kept an optimistic look on life and who very much appreciated the support they were getting.”


Serra and Mom