Wenche walks her talk to help children in need


I got to know the organisation Kids Action for Kids (KAFK) through my daughters, who both support KAFK and its work, and who have participated in the KAFK surgery missions. In February 2016, I was fortunate to be able to join my daughter Vibeke, together with KAFK at a mission in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. It was a strong experience to see so many children and their families who desperately needed help, and the amazing work that Operation Smile and KAFK did to provide this help.

What I experienced did something to me. Back home in Norway, I knew that I had to participate and help. As a member of Os Lions Club, I decided to contact 35 Lions Club in our district and asked them to support my project. The local newspapers Midtsiden (March 2016 and June 2016) and Os & Fusaposten both wrote  articles about KAFK and Operation Smile and their work. This resulted in an impressive financial support that including Benchachinda’s matching gave 33 children a needed operation and a new life!

Among others, an elderly man of 90 years rang my doorbell and gave me an envelope with support, and a woman stopped me at the supermarket and said she would like to contribute. In total, these two contributions alone resulted in 6 operations! During the local market days Wenche’s friend and fellow Lions Club Os member Franzie Lerch initiated to set up  a sale of second-hand clothes to fundraise for KAFK. Here many children and youth also helped with the sales, and the local community showed an unbelievable support! For me, this is a project I will continue to support and work for.

There is nothing more satisfying than to provide help to those who really need it. To be able to help give a child “A New Life” is amazing. I am so proud to be part of Kids Action for Kids and its work!

Wenche Lyssand


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