Robin & Celine are role models for their peers


For many years now, these two Norwegian-Swedish siblings have wished for donations to Kids Action for Kids for their birthdays. Starting at their 7th and 6th birthday parties, they have consistently collected funds at their birthday parties to give to our cause to help as many children as possible, and so far they have funded several full operations! How cool is it that these youngsters can quite literally change several lives just by making a birthday wish?

Robin and Celine moved back home but were in Asia for a few years, living in both Bangladesh and Thailand. In Bangladesh, they saw poverty at its worst, and in Thailand, they found a great way to give back to the region when they heard about our cause. The siblings believe that children such as themselves don’t need more toys and possessions, so the money people would have bought presents with is much better used on the children who can’t even eat or speak properly.

But their contribution goes beyond just their birthday parties! Celine set up a table to sell her toys when she moved away, donating the proceeds to Kids Action for Kids. She has had a tea party to raise funds and awareness, and at ISB (International School Bangkok) she even presented to her whole class at school about why they do these things and what Kids Action for Kids is all about. Perhaps most importantly, they have challenged other kids to do the same thing!

“Another fun thing to see is how motivated they are to help others”, their father says. “Whenever they get a gift, they suggest giving it to Kids Action for Kids. And as parents, it is good to see how proud even so young kids as Robin and Celine feel with helping other kids to have a better life”.

We are extremely proud to have these guys as part of our supporter team! They exemplify selflessness even at such a young age, and we know they will grow up to continue being model citizens that help change lives!

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